News 2010





  • November - December: Held training with representatives from 34 CSOs in Abuja, Nigeria, about campaign finance monitoring. Worked with the Independent National Election Commission to restructure the campaign finance reporting system.
  • In Yerevan, Armenia, presented European standards and international experiences in political finance regulation to Members of Parliament, Election Commission members and political party, media and civil society representatives at the Electoral Code Symposium focusing on the revision of the Armenian electoral legislation.





  • September 26: In Cairo, Egypt, presented international experiences in political finance at the Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies Electoral Symposium.
  • September 17: Presented global experiences in political finance reguation at conference in Beirut, Lebanon, organised by the Lebanese Ministry of Interior and Municipalities & European Union
  • September: Held training for representatives of 35 CSOs in Lagos, Nigeria, and trained INEC staff in campaign finance oversight.





  • Presented international experience in campaig finance monitoring at the European Union (NEEDS) Domestic Election Observers’ Forum in Brussels, Belgium.
  • Gave lectures in Cairo, Egypt, on the role of money in politics at the Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies and the Cairo University Faculty of Economics and Political Science.





  • Advised Transparency International Georgia on their campaign finance monitoring project, from project planning to report development. Trained political party lawyers on international and Georgian practices of regulating the abuse of administrative resources in elections.





  • Developed local initiative in Georgia on interpreting the abuse of administrative resources in elections, leading to an Interpretive Memorandum signed by 14 political parties, the Central Election Commission and five leading NGOs.



  • Assisted ZESN (Zimbabwe) in developing monitoring, advocacy and outreach materials and activities in relation to political finance and the abuse of state resources in the constitutional review process, bye-elections and general elections.



  • Planned and assisted Afghan study tour including representatives from different stakeholders to Bosnia and Herzegovina to share experiences in political finance oversight.