News 2018



  • Held workshops on foreign influence over democratic institutions and on stakeholder engagement by political finance oversight bodies, at the IFES office in Prague.
  • Presented the European experience in counteracting abuse of state resources at conference in Albania, organised by  the OSCE presence in Albania.



  • Speaker at the Fifth Pusako State Law Conference in Batusangkar, West Sumatra, Indonesia.
  • Meet civil society groups from Bulgaria, Montenegro and Romania to discuss the implementation of anti-corruption commitments in these countries  



  • Held meetings with stakeholders, and presented international experiences of political finance oversight in workshop with the Central Election Commission of Kyrgyzstan.
  • Presenter at the "Our Money in Elections Forum" in Ukraine.





  • Provided feedback on political finance regulations in the Dominican Republic.
  • Reviewed (another) draft law on political finance in Sri Lanka.



  • Reviewed campaign finance monitoring approaches by public institutions and civil society actors in Indonesia.
  • Led IFES development efforts on political finance and anti-corruption activities in Europe.



  • Coordinated IFES political finance activities in Ukraine.
  • Researched potential activities against abuse of state resources, and the relationship between political finance and gender equality in Nepal.



  • Presented the IFES Abuse of State Resources Research and Assessment framework and recent European experience in abuse of state resources at an event organised by the Council of Europe and the European Union in Tirana, Albania.
  • Provided feedback on draft legislation on campaign finance in Sri Lanka.



  • Spoke about the European experience in using campaign spending limits during the Ukraine Conference on Ways to Decrease the Cost of Election Campaigns in Ukraine, organised in Kyiv by IFES, OSCE/ODIHR and Ukrainian CSOs.
  • Introduced the topic of electronic reporting, review and publication for political parties and election campaigns during Conference on E-Reporting in Political Finance: the Baltic Way Forward in Lithuania. Event organised by the Central Election Commission of Lithuania and OSCE/ODIHR.





  • Held workshop on political finance oversight with Commissioners and Senior Staff of the Central Election Commission of Albania, together with Lisa Klein
  • Participated in legal reform roundtable and assistance implementer coordination meeting in Kyiv, Ukraine.



  • Met stakeholders in Ukraine to discuss necessary steps in preparing for campaign finance oversight in the 2019 parliamentary and presidential elections. 
  • Assisted Nepalese civil society group in developing their report on campaign spending in the December 2017 elections.