News 2021



  • Argued for the importance of implementation-friendly political finance regulations during event held as part of the UN Convention Against Corruption Congress of State Parties in Egypt.
  • Talked about European experiences in monitoring and controlling for abuse of state resources in elections, organised by the Centre for Monitoring and Research in Montenegro.



  • Held online training with political finance oversight institution in Honduras
  • Interviewed about European oversight expertiences by journalist from North Macedonia



  • Held various meetings in Pristina, Kosovo about the effective implementation of anti-corruption recommendations.
  • Held meeting with political finance observers hired by the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption in Skopje, North Macedonia.



  • Held online introduction to political finance for journalist in Europe
  • Briefed civil society activists in the Gambia on approaches to monitoring abuse of state resources



  • Work with CSOs in Malaysia on mapping stakeholders in their work again corruption in the country.
  • Led data cleaning exercise for the Political Finance Implementation Database (working title) 



  • Analysed abuse of state resources in Ukraine.
  • Took part in the development of the Political Finance Implementation Toolkit.



  • Held introduction to politial finance for journalists across Central and Eastern Europe
  • Initiated update of the Ukraine Political Finance Stakeholder Assistance Strategy.



  • Moderated discussion between European civil society groups on the monitoring of abuse of state resources. 
  • Held training with the Audit Department of the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina.





  • Discussed the way forward in the monitoring of online advertising spending at conference organised by IFES and the National Agency for Corruption Prevention in Ukraine.
  • Held stakeholder consultations as part of developing the Political Finance Implementation Toolkit.



  • Completed analysis of political finance regulatory framework in Tanzania.
  • Participated in assessment of abuse of state resources in Ukraine.



  • Launched poll to European stakeholders about the preferred focus of the IFES Regional Europe Office political finance programming.
  • Trained civil society group in Nicaragua on the context of abuse of state resources .