News 2015









  • Talk about the publication and civil society use of political finance data at the Global Conference on Money in Politics in Mexico City, Mexico.
  • Travel to Dnipropetrovsk and Odessa in Ukraine to meet local CSOs carrying out campaign finance monitoring relating to the mayoral election. 



  • Having managed the IFES political finance portfolio on a consultancy basis since 2009, join IFES staff again (most recently as IFES Country Director in Sierra Leone 2007-2008).



  • Talk about principles and new technology in political finance transparency at the OSCE/ODIHR Political Party Expert Workshop in Kiev, Ukraine.
  • Complete review of the way forward for political finance oversight in Iraq.





  • Participated as expert on behalf of IFES at workshop on "Campaign financing during the 2015 general local elections" in Moldova. The workshop was organised by Promo-LEX in Moldova and the Stefan Batory Foundation in Poland.



  • Discussed the future of political finance work at the IFES Europe & Asia retreat in Prague. 
  • Co-hosted seminar on political finance and gender equality in Tunisia. The event was organised by International IDEA.



  • Met activists from I WATCH in Tunisia to evaluate the campaign finance monitoring project relating to the 2014 parliamentary elections.
  • Discussed European praxis in political finance oversight and data publication at an event gathering representatives from implementing and review bodies in the Scandinavian countries. The event was held in Sweden and organised by International IDEA.
  • Presented the international experiences in political finance regulation and oversight at a workshop organised by the Independent Election Commission, IFES and the UNDP in Jordan



  • Held a three-day workshop with senior staff of the Election Commission of Nepal. The training was based on the IFES Training in Detection and Enforcement (TIDE) curriculum.
  • Discussed European political finance experiences with a group of journalists, CSO activists and lawyers from Ukraine who participated in a study tour to Prague. The event was organised by Centrum Dohody.


  • Held a workshop with staff of the Independent Election Commission of Jordan.
  • Co-hosted a workshop on campaign finance regulations in Nigeria. The event was co-organised by IFES and the Independent National Elections Commission.