News 2014





  • Interviewed MPs, election candidates, party officials and others in Kenya as part of a research project on the interplay between political finance and gender equality in elections. The initiative is organised by International IDEA
  • Started work on an IFES initiative on political finance oversight and information and communication technology.


  • Presented research on political finance reform in Sweden during a side-seminar at the Australian Political Studies Association Annual Conference in Sydney, Australia. The seminar was organised by the Money, Politics and Transparency initiative. 
  • Carried out training for staff and Commissioners at the Anti-Corruption Commission, Court of Auditors and other state and private institutions in Tunisia about political finance and abuse of state resources, and how institutions can cooperate to achieve effective oversight in the upcoming elections.The training was organised by IFES in partnership with the CEELI institute
  • Meet core team members and field monitors of the ongoing I WATCH election campaign finance monitoring project in Tunisia, to discuss necessary adjustments to the monitoring methodology.




  • Participated in the Campaign Finance Observation Expert Seminar, organised by OSCE/ODIHR in Warsaw.
  • In Georgia, met with the Auditor General, head of the political finance monitoring unit at the State Audit Office and civil society representatives to discuss necessary improvements in the oversight of political finance.
  • Participated as expert at the conference on women in politics in Haiti. Presented IFES research about the connection between political finance and gender equality globally, and how this relates to the situation in Haiti (with only 4% women in Parliament).


  • Conducted preliminary analysis of the campaign finance provisions in the new Electoral Code in Tunisia.
  • Advised the civil society organisation CReDO in Moldova on  methodologies for monitoring campaign income and spending and the abuse of state resources. The activities were funded by ERIS.


  • Co-hosted seminar on the monitoring by civil society organisation of abuse of state resources. The event organised at the IFES Prague office included participants from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine.
  • Reviewed regulatory and real-life situation regarding preparedness for campaign finance oversight in upcoming elections in Lebanon, meeting representatives from government institutions and non-governmental organisations. The work in Beirut was organised by the United Nations Development Programme (LEAP project).



  • Participated in "Roundtable on Political Finance in Georgia; A Role for Everyone", presenting international best practices in political l finance regulation and oversight, including the importance of positive engagement by the enforcement institution and the regulated community. Roundtable organised by IFES; OSCE/ODIHR and NIMD.
  • Provided training to the Financial Monitoring Unit staff at the State Audit Office of Georgia. The training was carried out together with Lisa Klein.


  • Participated in Expert Mission on the draft law on elections and political party financing in Montenegro, organised by the European Commission. Discussed draft legislation with Montenegrin Members of Parliament.The other members of the Expert Mission were Yves-Marie Doublet and Jurij Toplak.
  • Developed proposal for IFES political finance programming in Iraq.