News 2012



  • Co-hosted training for local CSO I WATCH in Tunis, Tunisia about advocacy strategies relating to political finance issues. 
  • Presented the international experience in regulating political finance at the Denver University Strategic Issues Panel in Denver, US.



  • Co-hosted training in on campaign finance principles, monitoring and advocacy for civil society activists from Jordan and Yemen.
  • Jordan Moderated panel on US campaign finance as part of the. IFES US Election Programme



  • Trained civil society activists in Tunisia on political finance advocacy.



  • Worked with Political Parties Registration Commission in Sierra Leone to improve the campaign finance reporting structure ahead of the upcoming general elections.



  • Participated in broadcast about US campaign finance on Huffington Post. Main discussant was Michael Moore.



  • Presented paper on A Global View of Political Finance Regulations as a Dependent Variable at the World Congress of the International Political Finance Association in Madrid, Spain.
  • Completed study on Political Finance Regulations Around the World for International IDEA.



  • Completed study on "Political Finance Regulations Around the World" for International IDEA.



  • Completed study on "Money and Electoral Violence in Africa" for IFES, to be published shortly.



  • Trained civil society activists in Tunisia about key issues in the regulation and control of political finance.



  • 28 March: Met the US Ambassador to Georgia and provided advice on future assistance to enhance political finance transparency in the country.
  • 21 - 30 March: Trained staff at the Chamber of Control of Georgia on how to oversee political finance without jeopardising political pluralism.
  • 1 March: The International IDEA global project on political finance regulations, with data from 179 countries, goes live.



  • 20 - 26 Feb: Co-hosted expert panel, BRIDGE training and campaign finance workshop in Lebanon for participants from eight Arab countries.
  • Trained civil society activists and support Transparency Serbia on how to monitor political finance in Serbia.



  • Provided assistance to the Political Parties Registration Commission in Sierra Leone on reform of the political finance disclosure implementation system.