News 2017



  • Lectured on political finance to University students in Durres, Albania, and discussed political science aspects of political finance with university professors. Met civil society activists and journalists in Tirana to discuss the role that Albanian civil society can play in increasing transparency and awareness about political finance in the country. Work in partnership with Lisa Klein Associates.
  • Finalised work on the International IDEA study about the impact of gender targeted public funding.







  • Held three-day workshop in Owerri, Nigeria, with State Desk Officers from the Election and Party Monitoring Department of the Independent National Electoral Commission of Nigeria. Workshop focused on the role of money in politics, formal oversight and the role of INEC, and the participants developed a training plan for a state-level cascade training. 
  • Presented recommendations on political finance investigation and sanctioning mechanisms at the conference Money and Politics, the links between public procurement and political parties, organised in Bucharest, Romania by the CSO Expert Forum.



  • Conduct case studies for International IDEA about the impact of gender targeted public funding.
  • Provide input regarding campaign finance to forthcoming IFES study about the electoral process in the U.S.



  • Held meetings with the Election and party monitoring department of the Independent National Electoral Commission of Nigeria about effective oversight, assisting in the planning of training officers around the country and improvements of guidance materials.
  • Review political finance regulations in Ukraine.





  • Initiated study on gender targeted public funding for International IDEA
  • Reviewed political finance regulations and draft legal amendments in Ukraine.



  • Interacted with local stakeholder on updating the stakeholder assistance strategy regarding political finance in Ukraine.
  • Reviewed options for electronic political finance reporting in Nepal.







  • Presented on the role of political finance in strengthening the role of political parties at an NDI conference on the 21st Century Parties, the Party Renewal Initiative, in Brussels, Belgium.
  • Conducted research on the future of political finance oversight in Libya, Nepal and Ukraine.